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Welcome to the THRIVEinEDU podcast where learning happens and random thoughts related to all things education are shared. Listen in each week as I talk about some of the emerging trends and topics in education. Topics include Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Global Collaborations, Preparing Students for the Future, PBL, SEL, Coding, the Power of PLNS and more.

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What I learned on Clubhouse this week

Summary Here are some hacks and 5 tools to explore!  Hope to see you on Clubhouse, join in my rooms on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

Learning from Clubhouse!

Summary A few weeks in, Clubhouse has become a favorite space to connect and learn. Join in my rooms on Saturdays and Sundays and twice during the week, for ThriveinEDU chat.  In this episode, I share some ideas from educators who joined in. Tools to check out this week!

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My podcast series provides a variety of topics that are related to education, technology and many emerging technologies I am dedicated to discussing some trending topics and sharing ideas to explore!

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